It has been a great honour for Andrew to have some of his photographs published in 2 International Art books and one cover for a local writer. Andrew is currently a member of the Mirca Art group which is an International artist network where they share ideas in art to create exhibitions, published books and campaigns for Human Rights. In 2010 Andrew was invited to be the photographer for a local writer in Melbourne for his very first book.


Andrew Follows / 500 px

Follow vision impaired photographer Andrew Follows on the 500 px website.


Andrew Follows. 'Torso' 2013The Mind’s Eye: Density in the Work of Andrew Follows

Anna Briers
August 2013

Through the small rectangular viewing panel on the reverse of a digital camera, Follows’ world is revealed. He is able to discern architectural detail and the vibrancy of nature; he is able to know that his favourite shade in the vast tonal spectrum is royal blue. In a realisation of Marshall McLuhan’s notion of the camera as a prosthetic extension, Follows’ camera extends his sight, and through it he is able to capture his unique vision, for a moment or for a millennia, a physical expression of the imaginings of his mind’s eye. Read more…


Digital Photography 2012Digital Photography Magazine, Vol. 26

August 2012

Andrew’s photography was featured in a 6 page profile article surrounding around Light, the theme of Volume 26 of Digital Photography Magazine. A short biography of Andrew and how he photographs was covered in the article. Andrew’s photography tips, such as holding the camera against your head for portraits or against your chest for landscapes were also featured as insights into tricks into how vision impaired photographers can take photos.


'A Joker's Right of Reply'A Joker’s Right of Reply

June 2010

Photographer for Simon Mansell’s book, A Joker’s Right of Reply, June, 2010.
Simon Mansell of the Choir of Hope and Inspiration (formerly the Choir of Hard Knocks).

Simon Mansell was one of the stars of the ABC TV hit documentary, the Choir of Hard Knocks, which told the story of a community choir that took its down-and-out members from the street to the stage, putting a face to so many heartbreaking stories of disadvantage and exclusion. Simon’s love affair with poetry, art and music has spanned all of his adult life. A Joker’s Right of Reply brings together 15 of the poems composed by Simon in the past 15 years.


Planet Earth Planet ArtPlanet Earth Planet Art


Planet Earth Planet Art, a collaborative project between Bruce Rimell, UK and MIRCA ART Group. Ninety-five artists present their artwork as a voice raised to bring awareness of the urgent problems of the imbalanced lifestyles and unsustainable environmental consumption we humans face, accompanied by a personal statement which brings the clarity of the artist to these problems.

These artists come from such nations as the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, China, Brazil, Greece, Libya, India, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden (and many others), and thus this book is truly a global voice, with contributions from East and West, from the developed and developing worlds. Delightfully presented in an elegantly designed coffee-table book format, this collection of contemporary artforms ranges from the abstract to the photographic, the visionary to the spectacular, and is prefaced by a wonderful poem entitled Make Art, Not War from Nnimmo Bassey, the Chair of Friends of the Earth International. Read more…


Freedom & ArtFreedom & Art


Freedom & Art, a collaborative art project, between Carla Goldberg, U.S.A, and the MIRCA Art Group. The Voice of Art in a Battle for Freedom. 
All profits from the sale of this book are donated to Amnesty International. This book is dedicated to Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. It is a fundraiser for Amnesty International. 74 international artists from 27 countries have  donated art and written about the synergy of freedom.

By working together in the spirit of global collaboration, these 74 artists have become a united voice of hope and pierced places where freedom has failed with the liberating power of artistic expression. We give our art and our words to those whose ability to speak for themselves are silenced. WE ALL DESERVE FREEDOM! Read more…


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