Soul Mates exhibition: A fund raising exhibition for Guide Dogs Victoria, part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Dates: 20 – 25 September 2016

Soul Mates is a fund raising exhibition for Guide Dogs Victoria and is part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival. It is a thank you to Guide Dogs Victoria for giving Andrew “Eamon”, his Soul Mate from the past 10 years.

Eamon has been photographed by Andrew with famous people, such as Merv Hughes, Mike Molloy, Lady Primrose Potter, Denise Scott, Waleed Aly and Justice Michael Kirby – and these photographs make up the exhibition.

View the Melbourne Fringe Festival program web page for this event.


No Vacancy Art Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, QV, Melbourne
Opening hours: 11am – 5pm

Opening night

Wednesday 21 September 6pm – 9pm

Guest speakers

Creative Director and CEO of Melbourne Fringe Festival Simon Abrahams

CEO Karen Hayes from Guide Dogs Victoria and “Eamon”


Andrew Follows
Guide Dogs Victoria
Melbourne Fringe Festival
No Vacancy Art Gallery

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Many thanks to Darren and CPL Digital for sponsoring the printing of the photographs. Very much appreciated from the wizards at CPL. For all your photographic printing needs.

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Many thanks also go to H2o Hand Carwash in Richmond and MVP Lifestyles for their charity car wash and fundraising. You are absolute legends!

MVP Lifestlyes

More information

For more information please contact the gallery on 03 9663 3795
or Andrew Follows on Mobile: 0400 862 795

Sample photographs from the exhibition

MVP Lifestyles Supercar Carwash charity fundraiser

30 August 2016

An eventful weekend at H2o Hand Carwash in Richmond had MVP Lifestyles host a charity event for The Soul Mates Project (Guide Dogs Victoria). Raising funds and getting supercar owners and the community to get together and have an awesome day.

February – May 2015 news

A few new images Andrew has captured over the last few months are featured at the bottom of the posting.

Sensory Experience

Andrew was invited to be part of the Culture Victoria Sensory Experience, a series of short films on blind and deaf artists.
The mainstream understanding of deaf and blind people has shifted over time. When once it was thought that blind people should be taken care of and sheltered, or deaf people taught to hear and speak, a deeper awareness of distinct culture and experience has emerged.

Sensory Experience explores the world through the eyes and ears of the deaf and blind communities in Victoria and seeks to demystify some of the stereotypes and preconceptions that survive to this day. The four films that make up part of this story highlight Victoria’s Deaf and blind communities within an historical framework, fostering new insights and provoking thought about the way we understand these communities today. Each film is an open invitation to share the experience of the world from another perspective.

Hidden From Sight

The blind community in Victoria is an independent, progressive and highly motivated group of individuals that spans all ages. Organisations such as Vision Australia seek to empower individuals who are blind or have low vision to participate in life within the mainstream world in any way they choose.

Incredible advances in technology have meant that there has never been more information freely available to everyone, however people who are blind or have low vision can only access around five percent of everything that is published. We have the technology, what is holding us back?

Hidden From Sight explores Accessibility, Technology and Advocacy through the experiences of three individuals who are blind or have low vision.

In recognition of Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai


Andrew is proud to take part in a new International exhibition on behalf of the Mirca Art Group to be held in Sweden in August.

Show date: 29 Aug 2015 – 24 Oct 2015.
Location: Ostra Gymnasiet, Skogas, Sweden.


Andrew Follows. 'Reflection, Melbourne' 2015

Andrew Follows
Reflection, Melbourne

Andrew Follows. 'Reflection, Melbourne' 2015

Andrew Follows
Reflection, Melbourne

Andrew Follows. 'City laneway, Melbourne' 2015

Andrew Follows
City laneway, Melbourne

Andrew Follows. 'Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne' 2015

Andrew Follows
Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne