Australia Day Award 2018

It was a great honour and humbling to be acknowledged for the 2018 Australia Day Awards
The presentation was at the Eltham Community Reception Centre where other recipients were attending the awards.
The Jagajaga Community awards was presented to Andrew by Jenny Macklin Federal MP
This was in acknowledgement for his prodigious fundraising for the Research CFA and his advocacy for the vision impaired.

It was humbling to be amongst other great community organisations and great people who received Awards for all there hard work that they do in the local community.
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Photoshoot at the Art Silo Trails!

I recently did a weekend trip to the Wimmera Mallee region of Victoria to do the Art Silo Trails.

It was my first time in this part of Country Victoria and as we are in the middle of summer it was hot with day time temperatures in the low 40s.
History of the Silo Art Trails


Founded in 2015, Silo Art Trail is Australia’s largest outdoor gallery. The trail stretches over 200 kilometres, linking Brim with neighbouring towns Lascelles, Patchewollock, Rosebery, Rupanyup and Sheep Hills.

Providing an insight into the true spirit of the Wimmera Mallee, the trail recognises and celebrates the region’s people through a series of large-scale mural portraits painted onto grain silos, many of which date back to the 1930s.

The project saw a team of renowned artists from Australia and across the world visit the region, meet the locals and transform each grain silo into an epic work of art; each one telling a unique story about the host town.

The Silo Art Trail was conceived in 2015 after the success of the first silo artwork in Brim. What started as a small community project by the Brim Active Community Group and artist Guido van Helten resulted in widespread international media attention and an influx of visitors to the region. It was here that the idea for a trail was born.

The Silo Art Trail was created as a partnership between Yarriambiack Shire Council, international street art agency Juddy Roller, Victorian Government, Australian Government and GrainCorp, who donated the silos as canvases for the artists’ work.
It was a fantastic expeericance as this is part of Victoria I have never visited.
Well worth the effort to see the region.
Other highlights was photographing around the silos where old disused railway stations where the rail lines are lifted and the stations are run down and rotting away. Sad to see but you get the feeling that the stations were a hub of activity in it’s day.
Looking at going back to the region in winter as it will give a different feel to a new series of images.
Many thanks to Jack Hamer for his very kind help in driving me to all the locations and a huge thanks to Leo (My Guide Dog) puppy raiser who looked after him for the weekend.
Completed silos:
Brim – Guido Van Helten
Patchewollock – Fintan Magee
Rupanyup – Julia Volchkova
Sheep Hills – Adnate
Lascelles – Rone
Rosebery – Kaff-eine
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Melbourne Exotic Car Club (MECC) Photo Shoot

It was brilliant to be invited by the Melbourne Exotic Car Club to do a photo shoot for some of Melbourne’s high-end Exotic Cars, from raging Lamborghini’s to an exceptionally rare Mercedes AMG GTR. The shoot took place at an old disused Mill Factory in Newport, Melbourne, taking the concept of the old/new contrast to a whole new meaning.

Photographing some of Melbourne’s most desirable cars was a great honour, along with being a great thrill in itself. Whilst I was working hard, my guide dog Leo had a much easier time, simply eyeing down, trying to choose his next purchase. We were looked after on site by a good friend, as I orchestrated the cars to different spots around the Mill to get that magic shot.

Thank you to all the car owners and the management of MECC for a sensational afternoon of photographing.

If you would like to enquire on a photoshoot for your car, please do not hesitate to email me at

AF Nero Nemesis AventadorAF Green AMG GTRAF White LP700AF Panamera


Big day for Leo as he graduates to official Guide Dog!

Andrew & Leo bonding briskly

Andrew bonding with his new guide dog Leo. 1 September 2017. The Age News. Photo: Eddie Jim.

An ecstatic day for 93 Guide Dog Victoria graduates over the weekend!  The largest cohort of Guide Dogs to graduate at once in the history of Guide Dogs Victoria, Leo proudly walking to receive his undergrad diploma. It has been a rough time for Leo’s guardian, Andrew, but the ever-growing bond between this loving team is one that will surely be remembered. Andrew stated with joy; “He is very lovable and always wanting to work”. The duo has been fortunate enough to feature in the Age, representing Guide Dogs Victoria, who have been by Andrew’s side for more than 10 years.

Read the article by hitting the amazing picture taken by Eddie Jim or by clicking here!

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my ‘Soul Mate’, my beloved guide dog Eamon…

17 November 2016

R.I.P Eamon.

The old boys health went down very quickly over the last week. Took him to the vets this morning and did an ultrasound which found cancer on his spleen and lumps on his liver. The decision was made at the vets to put him to rest.

My heart is broken.

Knowing I have done the right thing is truly the best for him.

Eamon has been one awesome epic brilliant dog and i will truely miss him.
He is in doggy heaven now where I know he will be at peace.
Eamon was a remarkable Guide Dog as he gave so much to me as I gave so much back to him.

Sleep well Eamon, my best friend. 

Love you so much.

Andrew xx



Eamon and Andrew present a cheque…

Eamon and I did a presentation at Guide Dogs Victoria on 18 October 2016, handing over a cheque for $4,025.00, money raised from Eamon’s Soul Mates exhibition.

Great stuff!

Eamon, Andrew Follows and Karen Hayes

Eamon and Andrew Follows presenting a cheque to Guide Dogs Victoria CEO Karen Hayes


Soul Mates exhibition: A fund raising exhibition for Guide Dogs Victoria, part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Dates: 20 – 25 September 2016

Soul Mates is a fund raising exhibition for Guide Dogs Victoria and is part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival. It is a thank you to Guide Dogs Victoria for giving Andrew “Eamon”, his Soul Mate from the past 10 years.

Eamon has been photographed by Andrew with famous people, such as Merv Hughes, Mike Molloy, Lady Primrose Potter, Denise Scott, Waleed Aly and Justice Michael Kirby – and these photographs make up the exhibition.

View the Melbourne Fringe Festival program web page for this event.


No Vacancy Art Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, QV, Melbourne
Opening hours: 11am – 5pm

Opening night

Wednesday 21 September 6pm – 9pm

Guest speakers

Creative Director and CEO of Melbourne Fringe Festival Simon Abrahams

CEO Karen Hayes from Guide Dogs Victoria and “Eamon”


Andrew Follows
Guide Dogs Victoria
Melbourne Fringe Festival
No Vacancy Art Gallery

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Many thanks to Darren and CPL Digital for sponsoring the printing of the photographs. Very much appreciated from the wizards at CPL. For all your photographic printing needs.

CPL Digital logo

Many thanks also go to H2o Hand Carwash in Richmond and MVP Lifestyles for their charity car wash and fundraising. You are absolute legends!

MVP Lifestlyes

More information

For more information please contact the gallery on 03 9663 3795
or Andrew Follows on Mobile: 0400 862 795

Sample photographs from the exhibition

MVP Lifestyles Supercar Carwash charity fundraiser

30 August 2016

An eventful weekend at H2o Hand Carwash in Richmond had MVP Lifestyles host a charity event for The Soul Mates Project (Guide Dogs Victoria). Raising funds and getting supercar owners and the community to get together and have an awesome day.

Andrew Follows series ‘Carmania’ features on Art Blart

Thank you to Art Blart for this amazing write up on my car photography. The write up appeared on 4th February 2016.
View the full article with all the images in the series.

This is what Dr Marcus Bunyan had to say:


Australian vernacular

Hats off to my photographer friend Andrew Follows for a stunning set of Australian automobile photographs.

These photographs, taken during daylight at the BP station before the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, and at twilight on the opposite side of the freeway at the corresponding BP station after the cars have returned from their drive to Frankston, are superb.

Andrew and I have an intense passion for cars. Only through this true immersion and engagement can you get photographs that are so evocative of subject matter, that are so atmospheric of place, space and the cars themselves. These are some of the best car photographs I have seen in a very long time… a kind of Australian vehicular vernacular.

I have sequenced these photographs for Andrew so that they tell a story, a modernist story of light, form and design, interspersed with vibrations of energy (punctum) such as Buick 1956 or XA Ford Faclon coupe GT 1974 Faze 4. Look at the crack in the concrete of this image as it leads into the car which both crouches down and seems to float in the air. Then just look at the clean presence of XB Faclon 500 coupe John Goss special 1975 or the space and light in the image VE Valiant sedan with red Ford pick up truck. God I love them…

To then finish the sequence with that classic Aussie car, HDT Holden LH Torana L34 1978, captured in such an eloquent image of movement and light. Just sensational.

Andrew, you could make a living taking photographs of car art!


** Please make sure you enlarge these images to see them to best advantage. **


Andrew Follows. 'XB Faclon 500 coupe John Goss special 1975' 2016


Andrew Follows
XB Faclon 500 coupe John Goss special 1975
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'HQ Holden Monaro GTS 1972' 2016


Andrew Follows
HQ Holden Monaro GTS 1972
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'XW GT Ford Falcon 1968' 2016


Andrew Follows
XW GT Ford Falcon 1968
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'Buick 1956' 2016


Andrew Follows
Buick 1956
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'Ford Mustang 2 door hardtop' 2016


Andrew Follows
Ford Mustang 2 door hardtop
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'VF Valiant coupe 1969' 2016


Andrew Follows
VF Valiant coupe 1969
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'HQ Holden Kingswood wagon 1972' 2016


Andrew Follows
HQ Holden Kingswood wagon 1972
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph


Andrew Follows. 'HDT Holden LH Torana L34 1978' 2016


Andrew Follows
HDT Holden LH Torana L34 1978
From the series Carmania
Digital photograph



Manfroto Digital Director for iPad Air 2

This is REALLY going to change how I take photographs. Remote control from my iPad of shutter/aperture, iso, focusing etc… now I get to have a bigger screen to see the image, to frame and shoot.


Need some funds to buy it now.

More information on Manfroto Digital Director for iPad Air 2.


Manfroto Digital Director for iPad Air 2


Manfroto Digital Director in action



New photographs

These new photographs are part of my ongoing journey and investigation into how I see the world.

I am at the beginning of that path, always learning about the world around me, and how my particular vision affects how I record  and feel the world through the images that I take. How shooting into the sun (contre jour), at night, or in glare is totally different for me as a vision impaired person.

What is it that makes my photographs special, uniquely my own?

This is the critical question moving forward.

It is such a privilege going out with a photographer such as Dr Marcus Bunyan, an education on how to place the camera, how to frame the world. New suggestions by him are to link an iPad directly to the camera in the field, so that I can open the images immediately to review them, instead of waiting to get back home and download them to my computer.

This is an exciting concept, one which I will investigate. I will need an attachment to mount the iPad (with hood to stop the glare of sunlight) on the tripod. It will enable me to review images in real time instead of not being able to see the image details until I am home. Stay tuned.

Still awaiting news of my Australia Council grant application. Keeps your fingers crossed!



Andrew Follows. 'Women in pink and red' 2015


Andrew Follows
Women in pink and red


Andrew Follows. 'Forgotten sleepers' 2015


Andrew Follows
Forgotten sleepers


Andrew Follows. 'High Rise' 2015


Andrew Follows
High Rise


Andrew Follows. 'Entrance to shelter' 2015


Andrew Follows
Entrance to shelter


Andrew Follows. 'Wood stacked for a fire' 2015


Andrew Follows
Wood stacked for a fire