Flying Blind

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to be taken up in a helicopter for an aerial photo shoot of Melbourne.
With the door off, we took to the skies on a perfect, sunny morning. The flight path we took was from Essendon airport, flying at 1000/1500 feet, to North Melbourne, then over to Yarraville, then back over the West/North Side of the city to go onto Kew, where we flew over Guide Dogs Victoria and the new works on the Chandler Highway Road Bridge along with the old Paper Mills at Fairfield. After that we went onto St Kilda Road, flying over the Shrine of Remembrance and Government House, also over the new Metro tunnel entrance which is next to Melbourne Grammar School on St Kilda Road. We then started to head back via Richmond, taking in the MCG and the Yarra River flying over Flemington to land back at Essendon Airport.
It was the fastest hour I have ever had as I took just over 900 images.
Below are some examples of the photos I took during the flight.
I would like to extend my huge thank you to Rans Electrical and Melbourne Helicopters for a fantastic experience. I can’t wait to get back up in the air again to do some more in the future.
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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

I attended this years Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast which was a thrill and very exciting time for my photography journey.
After receiving my media access to the games venues I set out to photograph the Swimming Finals, Weight Lifting Finals and an afternoon at the Gymnastics.
The swimming finals were brilliant and I would have to say was my favourite events to photograph as the Australian Swimming team were amazing in the pool.
It was exciting to meet so many wonderful people and even did a little networking.
Some of the highlights of the trip was of course photographing the selected sporting events, getting an invitation to photograph Prince Charles on his arrival at the swimming venue, meeting Ian Thorpe and meeting management of Nikon Japan.
I would like to extend a massive thank you to the following for making my journey to the Commonwealth Games such a great honour for me and Leo my Guide Dog.
Delly Carr is one of Nikon Australia’s ambassadors and is also one of the worlds best award winning sports photographers. Delly was instrumental in getting me to the commonwealth Games and to get me access to the venues where I joined other world photographers. Meeting with venue managers was very warm and had no problems at all. Thank you so much Delly.
I would like to also extend my huge thank you to Nikon Australia for their great sponsorship in loaning me some amazing camera gear during my games stay. Using the Nikon D5 was stunning and amazing camera to use. As a Nikon owner myself with my D800 the D5 was super fast, capturing all the moments so I didn’t miss anything.
To the Commonwealth Games Management committee. Thank you so much for a life experience so I could be part of the games as a photographer. The 2018 Commonwealth Games were known as the inclusive games where I didn’t feel out of place at all. It was such a brilliant experience and I am so excited to be heading to Tokyo Olympics in 2020 then onto Birmingham Commonwealth games in 2022.
I’m really hooked on Sports Photography now because when I see the images at home, that’s when I get excited as it takes me back to that moment of capture.
In 2020 I am looking at going to Tokyo for the Olympic Games. I am seeking support in sponsorship and funding opportunities. If you can help, please email me at I am hoping to get flights, accommodation and transportation support during the Tokyo games. Will be taking my guide dog Leo and a carer with me to ensure my safety while in Tokyo.
Thank you so much to all!
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Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

Thank you to the Australian Grand Pix Corporation for giving me a wonderful opportunity to have photography media pass for this years Australian Grand pix. It was amazing to photography the F1 cars on the track and to also capture the sporting classes over the GP weekend. Many thanks to Nikon Australia for their wonderful support and gear for this brilliant event in Melbourne.

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Nikon Australia

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Nikon Australia for sponsoring me for this year’s F1 in Melbourne & the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast. With the D4S at the F1 in Melbourne & the D5 at the Commonwealth Games, I was so impressed with the camera’s functions and what they were capable of achieving. The D5 at the Commonwealth Games was sensational in capturing all the action of the swimming, weight lifting & gymnastics. Thanks again Nikon Australia, I am hoping to work with you again in the near future.


Australia Day Award 2018

It was a great honour and humbling to be acknowledged for the 2018 Australia Day Awards
The presentation was at the Eltham Community Reception Centre where other recipients were attending the awards.
The Jagajaga Community awards was presented to Andrew by Jenny Macklin Federal MP
This was in acknowledgement for his prodigious fundraising for the Research CFA and his advocacy for the vision impaired.

It was humbling to be amongst other great community organisations and great people who received Awards for all there hard work that they do in the local community.
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Photoshoot at the Art Silo Trails!

I recently did a weekend trip to the Wimmera Mallee region of Victoria to do the Art Silo Trails.

It was my first time in this part of Country Victoria and as we are in the middle of summer it was hot with day time temperatures in the low 40s.
History of the Silo Art Trails


Founded in 2015, Silo Art Trail is Australia’s largest outdoor gallery. The trail stretches over 200 kilometres, linking Brim with neighbouring towns Lascelles, Patchewollock, Rosebery, Rupanyup and Sheep Hills.

Providing an insight into the true spirit of the Wimmera Mallee, the trail recognises and celebrates the region’s people through a series of large-scale mural portraits painted onto grain silos, many of which date back to the 1930s.

The project saw a team of renowned artists from Australia and across the world visit the region, meet the locals and transform each grain silo into an epic work of art; each one telling a unique story about the host town.

The Silo Art Trail was conceived in 2015 after the success of the first silo artwork in Brim. What started as a small community project by the Brim Active Community Group and artist Guido van Helten resulted in widespread international media attention and an influx of visitors to the region. It was here that the idea for a trail was born.

The Silo Art Trail was created as a partnership between Yarriambiack Shire Council, international street art agency Juddy Roller, Victorian Government, Australian Government and GrainCorp, who donated the silos as canvases for the artists’ work.
It was a fantastic expeericance as this is part of Victoria I have never visited.
Well worth the effort to see the region.
Other highlights was photographing around the silos where old disused railway stations where the rail lines are lifted and the stations are run down and rotting away. Sad to see but you get the feeling that the stations were a hub of activity in it’s day.
Looking at going back to the region in winter as it will give a different feel to a new series of images.
Many thanks to Jack Hamer for his very kind help in driving me to all the locations and a huge thanks to Leo (My Guide Dog) puppy raiser who looked after him for the weekend.
Completed silos:
Brim – Guido Van Helten
Patchewollock – Fintan Magee
Rupanyup – Julia Volchkova
Sheep Hills – Adnate
Lascelles – Rone
Rosebery – Kaff-eine
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