thumbnailHello and welcome. This is the photography website of vision impaired photographer Andrew Follows. The site has been created to showcase his unique outlook on the world as a photographer.

Andrew is an inspiring photographer with a social conscience, who is establishing himself within the arts community. Andrew has an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a condition which has rendered one eye completely blind with ever diminishing tunnel vision in the other. He can see three metres to most people’s seventy metres, and that through a foggy haze.

Andrew Follows with his Guide Dog, Leo, have a great partnership and passion for photography. They explore the city looking for great objects to investigate and photograph. In 2008, Andrew did a year of photography workshops through Photography Made Easy, where the digital camera opened up a whole new world to him. He moved to his passion to photography.

In late 2009 Andrew got his first DSLR Camera and through the invaluable help of Nikon Australia and his artistic vision has grown since this time. Using the camera to document the world around him, Andrew’s photographs are professional, unique and inspiring. The lens becomes his eyes, the shutter his very existence, the computer his medium of vision enabling him for the first time to see the world more clearly.

In the last five years Andrew has exhibited his works in numerous galleries in Melbourne and Sydney, exhibited in the 2012 Edinburgh Art Festival, New Zealand and Luxembourg along with numerous publications. Andrew was awarded the 2012 Arts Access Australia Peoples Choice award for one of his stunning photographs. So come follow Andrew and Leo on their exciting journey as he and his best friend explore the world in the visual medium.

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  1. Hi Andrew, I Just found your blog and couldn’t stop browsing it. We run a blog about blind and visually impaired photography with workshop diaries, tips, interviews, photo exhibitions and descriptions of the pictures by sighted people. Maybe you would like to send us some of your pictures to showcase or even write a guest post for us. It also would be great to do an interview about your work. If you are interested please visit. http://www.photonarrations.wordpress.com or email us at picdesc@gmail.com.
    It would be fantastic if you would share some of your expertise with our readers.

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