Tragic News

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Andrew Charles Follows on December 11th, 2019, at 8.41 pm in the Austin Hospital.

Followers of Andrew’s social media would have been aware that he had a bad night on December 10th.

An urgent transfer to the hospital the followed in the morning.

Andrew was determined to the end to have all things organised and in place.

His wish of being at home for his final hours was not possible, but he was fully aware but pain-free.

Andrew was surrounded by prayer and love by his close friends he had called.

Andrew had provided a ‘must contact’ list, and to respect his wishes, we have refrained from posting about his passing until this was achieved to the best of our abilities.

True to Andrew’s form, contact into the UK, Malta, USA, and China, as well as all points of the compass that is this land he loved, Australia has been made.

At this stage, there is to be a private cremation soon, followed by a public Thanksgiving service at St Margaret’s Eltham in early January.

To all of Andrew’s friends, acquaintances, helpers, professionals, fans and neighbours, thank you for your friendship with Andrew, your journeying with him not only during the past year but throughout his rather adventurous life.

In one of life’s little ironies, on Andrew’s private feed to his Facebook page was a photo entitled “a year ago today” which shows Andrew entering the PET scanner in the Austin.

I can hear him saying “Cooooool!”

Andrew’s exhibition at Magnet Galleries continues until December 21st.

If you wish to be in touch, please feel free to contact me on 0418 145 627 and leave your details.

May Andrew truly Rest In Peace

Fr Dennis Webster
Vicar of the Anglican Parish of Gisborne

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