Melbourne Exotic Car Club (MECC) Photo Shoot

It was brilliant to be invited by the Melbourne Exotic Car Club to do a photo shoot for some of Melbourne’s high-end Exotic Cars, from raging Lamborghini’s to an exceptionally rare Mercedes AMG GTR. The shoot took place at an old disused Mill Factory in Newport, Melbourne, taking the concept of the old/new contrast to a whole new meaning.

Photographing some of Melbourne’s most desirable cars was a great honour, along with being a great thrill in itself. Whilst I was working hard, my guide dog Leo had a much easier time, simply eyeing down, trying to choose his next purchase. We were looked after on site by a good friend, as I orchestrated the cars to different spots around the Mill to get that magic shot.

Thank you to all the car owners and the management of MECC for a sensational afternoon of photographing.

If you would like to enquire on a photoshoot for your car, please do not hesitate to email me at

AF Nero Nemesis AventadorAF Green AMG GTRAF White LP700AF Panamera


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