Photoshoot at the Art Silo Trails!

I recently did a weekend trip to the Wimmera Mallee region of Victoria to do the Art Silo Trails.

It was my first time in this part of Country Victoria and as we are in the middle of summer it was hot with day time temperatures in the low 40s.
History of the Silo Art Trails


Founded in 2015, Silo Art Trail is Australia’s largest outdoor gallery. The trail stretches over 200 kilometres, linking Brim with neighbouring towns Lascelles, Patchewollock, Rosebery, Rupanyup and Sheep Hills.

Providing an insight into the true spirit of the Wimmera Mallee, the trail recognises and celebrates the region’s people through a series of large-scale mural portraits painted onto grain silos, many of which date back to the 1930s.

The project saw a team of renowned artists from Australia and across the world visit the region, meet the locals and transform each grain silo into an epic work of art; each one telling a unique story about the host town.

The Silo Art Trail was conceived in 2015 after the success of the first silo artwork in Brim. What started as a small community project by the Brim Active Community Group and artist Guido van Helten resulted in widespread international media attention and an influx of visitors to the region. It was here that the idea for a trail was born.

The Silo Art Trail was created as a partnership between Yarriambiack Shire Council, international street art agency Juddy Roller, Victorian Government, Australian Government and GrainCorp, who donated the silos as canvases for the artists’ work.
It was a fantastic expeericance as this is part of Victoria I have never visited.
Well worth the effort to see the region.
Other highlights was photographing around the silos where old disused railway stations where the rail lines are lifted and the stations are run down and rotting away. Sad to see but you get the feeling that the stations were a hub of activity in it’s day.
Looking at going back to the region in winter as it will give a different feel to a new series of images.
Many thanks to Jack Hamer for his very kind help in driving me to all the locations and a huge thanks to Leo (My Guide Dog) puppy raiser who looked after him for the weekend.
Completed silos:
Brim – Guido Van Helten
Patchewollock – Fintan Magee
Rupanyup – Julia Volchkova
Sheep Hills – Adnate
Lascelles – Rone
Rosebery – Kaff-eine
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Melbourne Exotic Car Club (MECC) Photo Shoot

It was brilliant to be invited by the Melbourne Exotic Car Club to do a photo shoot for some of Melbourne’s high-end Exotic Cars, from raging Lamborghini’s to an exceptionally rare Mercedes AMG GTR. The shoot took place at an old disused Mill Factory in Newport, Melbourne, taking the concept of the old/new contrast to a whole new meaning.

Photographing some of Melbourne’s most desirable cars was a great honour, along with being a great thrill in itself. Whilst I was working hard, my guide dog Leo had a much easier time, simply eyeing down, trying to choose his next purchase. We were looked after on site by a good friend, as I orchestrated the cars to different spots around the Mill to get that magic shot.

Thank you to all the car owners and the management of MECC for a sensational afternoon of photographing.

If you would like to enquire on a photoshoot for your car, please do not hesitate to email me at

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