New photographs

These new photographs are part of my ongoing journey and investigation into how I see the world.

I am at the beginning of that path, always learning about the world around me, and how my particular vision affects how I record  and feel the world through the images that I take. How shooting into the sun (contre jour), at night, or in glare is totally different for me as a vision impaired person.

What is it that makes my photographs special, uniquely my own?

This is the critical question moving forward.

It is such a privilege going out with a photographer such as Dr Marcus Bunyan, an education on how to place the camera, how to frame the world. New suggestions by him are to link an iPad directly to the camera in the field, so that I can open the images immediately to review them, instead of waiting to get back home and download them to my computer.

This is an exciting concept, one which I will investigate. I will need an attachment to mount the iPad (with hood to stop the glare of sunlight) on the tripod. It will enable me to review images in real time instead of not being able to see the image details until I am home. Stay tuned.

Still awaiting news of my Australia Council grant application. Keeps your fingers crossed!



Andrew Follows. 'Women in pink and red' 2015


Andrew Follows
Women in pink and red


Andrew Follows. 'Forgotten sleepers' 2015


Andrew Follows
Forgotten sleepers


Andrew Follows. 'High Rise' 2015


Andrew Follows
High Rise


Andrew Follows. 'Entrance to shelter' 2015


Andrew Follows
Entrance to shelter


Andrew Follows. 'Wood stacked for a fire' 2015


Andrew Follows
Wood stacked for a fire



4 thoughts on “New photographs

  1. Its been great to discover your work. I’m also a photographer living with RP and looking at what you do has given me loads of inspiration. Thank you!
    Sharing some thoughts on why I do photography here
    All the very best!


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